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Certified training in civic education for sustainable development

Unfortunately, especially young men sometimes leave their families and refuse to raise their children. This irresponsibility and lack of education cause several economic and social problems.

Inauguration of new headquaters in Cape Verde


On November 4, we inaugurated the new headquarters of our foundation in Cape Verde in the presence of Filomena Gonçalves (Ministry of Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Parliamentary Affairs) and Carlo Silva (President of Santa Cruz City Council). We firmly believe that the opening of the new branch will make our work significantly more efficient and that the site will become a port for those in a difficult life situation. .

Added on 4.11.2021

New jerseys for women football team


Sport is crutial for children. We have been supporting the local football club in Cape Verde for years, so we decided to make the girls happy and brought them new jerseys. We hope that jerseys will help to achieve more sporting success.



Help to Cape Verdean Hospitals


We have been supporting Cape Verdean healthcare for a long time. At the beginning of the pandemic, we brought a lung ventilator, drapes, gloves and other medical supplies to Cape Verde. And we continue to help... Recently we donated desinfection, Yesterday, we donated disinfection, infection, ozonizer and other medical supplies to the Santa Cruz hospital. We believe that donations will find their application here and help those who need it. We would like to take our supporters and partners for supporting your work.

Collection of Hope Cabo Verde

Hello friends, followers and supporters of Hope Cabo Verde. I hope you enjoy good health and positive energy. As you know, every year we prepare gifts and favors for needy families in Cape Verde, so here I announce that we have launched an official collection of dolls, clothes, toys, stuffed animals, school supplies, durable food (such as pasta or baby food), cosmetics , hygiene items, etc. If you are interested in contributing to our children, whether with new or used things in good condition, please contact us in any way: by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., via SMS, via messenger or in the comments on FB. We will definitely find a way to pass things on. We would like to send the collection at the end of November 2020. Thank you very much again for your support of Hope of Cape Verde. We appreciate it a lot!

Added on October 8, 2020


Baby sets of bottles and pacifiers

Baby sets of bottles and pacifiers were delivered. Donated by Monica Sofia, President of the Cape Verde Hope Foundation, to its target audience. The delivery was made on September 15, 2020, by the coordinator, Dr. Fátima Gonçalves. Your sincere thanks go to Dr. Fátima Gonçalves for his willingness to support Hope Cabo Verde ???. We intend to distribute more baby sets of bottles and pacifiers to people in need in Cape Verde. Contact us. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Added on October 7, 2020


Skinners for children in Cape Verde

Friend Jaromír Smetana donated skinners for children in Cape Verde. ??? They are very comfortable and high quality. Skinners are great especially for children who go to school barefoot or several kilometers. We are extremely grateful to Jaromír for his kindness for Hope Cabo Verde and we wish him good health and happiness in life. We appreciate his love and support for the needy.

Added on October 3, 2020

Endowment Fund of Hope Cape Verde

Today I would like to ask my friends and supporters of the Hope Cabo Verde Endowment Fund for help with the following project, which I am currently working on and unfortunately I cannot solve on my own. Every day I receive hundreds of messages from Cape Verdeans asking me for help because they trust me and acknowledge my work. I can't help everyone myself, it's well known that it's not easy for anyone right now, but some are worse off than others. My endowment fund helps the whole of Cape Verde in general, without restrictions, without determining a specific place, without political, religious or racial differences. I would like to help a lady who is currently in a critical state of chronic diabetes and lacks everything she needs - medicine, food, money ... The funds we currently have on the endowment account are not sufficient or are already intended for other cases to which we have committed ourselves. I know that helping is not your duty, but believe that the universe repays good with good. Thank you very much for your support. Transparent account of hope Cape Verde 5592552329/0800 PLEASE WRITE A DJEZA. 5592552329/0800 ǀ IBAN: CZ09 0800 0000 0055 9255 2329 ǀ BIG / SWIFT: GIBACZPX.

Added August 28, 2020



On Wednesday, May 15, 2019, the first charity gala evening was held at the Žofín Palace, bearing the name of Hope Cabo Verde, which was organized by the beautiful Cape Verde model Mónica Sofia. The gala evening was meant to give a helping hand to children living in poor conditions in African Cape Verde and to provide them with better conditions for learning and hope for a better future. The aim was to collect the necessary funds for the purchase of buses, which would bring children to schools, as some are forced to go over 20 km a day to get to school.

A beautiful 350 thousand crowns has been selected for the transparent account so far. Although the gala evening is over, the project itself is not over yet and it is still possible to financially support it in a transparent account 5592552329/0800 ǀ IBAN: CZ09 0800 0000 0055 9255 2329 ǀ BIG / SWIFT: GIBACZPX.


Hope for Cabo Verde

Greetings to all friends of Hope for Cabo Verde with wishes of good health, strength and patience!

In the Republic of Cape Verde, many children live in extreme poverty and are vulnerable and in danger to a number of factors that prevent them from living a happy childhood. I myself have grown up in Cabo Verde and the worst thing for me was seeing small children, full of ideas and ideals, who did not have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

I currently live in the Czech Republic and have lived here for several years already. Here I was given the opportunity to graduate from a university and start doing business. However, I have never forgotten my origins and I feel committed to helping people, who are going through the same difficulties as I used to.

We will be very grateful for any contribution to our transparent account of the Cape Verde Verde Endowment Fund: 5592552329/0800. We will use this money to secure a better future for Cabo Verde and Cabo Verdeans.

If you are interested in helping Cabo Verde, either individually or as a company that supplies these products, please contact us via our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will be very grateful for your generosity.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all those who can still think of and help other fellowmen in these difficult times. Once again, I wish everyone good health.

Please do not hesitate to call my phone number for more information +420 736 446 317 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mónica Sofia