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COVID-19 news

Dear friends of Hope for Cabo Verde, as you all know, we are going through a very difficult situation at the moment. COVID-19 struck Cabo Verde as well.

Hotels and restaurants are all closed, people have no jobs, they are in quarantine lockdown and the islands are without any tourists. Most people lack the necessary food, drinking water, medicine, disinfectants and other protective equipment and that is why Cape Verde has declared a state of emergency.

As a Cabo Verdean, I feel committed to helping the Cabo Verde Islands and their people in any way I can. I am trying to acquire all the necessary protective equipment, disinfectants, drugs and medicine, food and drinking water. I am asking everyone for help, especially those who love Cabo Verde and those who have had the opportunity to get to know and see this beautiful country for themselves.

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Thank you very much

I greet all friends of Hope for Cabo Verde with wishes of good health, strength and patience. First of all, I would like to thank all the supporters who are, in good faith, sending symbolic sums of money to our transparent account to support the most vulnerable people during this crisis.

I would also like to inform you that together with the solidarity entrepreneurs we have obtained a number of protective aids against the corona virus, such as surgical masks, nanofiber masks, medical equipment, alcohol disinfectant gels, goggles, etc.

I would like to also inform you that there are several Czechs living in Cabo Verde, for whom these products could also be an advantage. The Czechs we are in contact with would like to be included in our assistance in a case of emergency. The Cabo Verde Islands are currently isolated and in a state of emergency and therefore all scheduled flights are canceled.

I’m sending everyone hope, strength, positive thinking, love, solidarity and patience.


Good day friends of Hope for Cabo Verde.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you a happy Easter.

I would also like to inform you that we can send aid to Cabo Verde with the exception of the FFP-3 respirator. For this purpose, we are searching for medical and household masks, disinfectant gels, baby diapers, baby food, feminine hygiene supplies, etc.

We will send this material to the most vulnerable Cabo Verdean families, who are suffering greatly from the negative impacts of COVID-19.

If you have an interest in joining us to help Cabo Verde, either individually or as a company that supplies these products, please contact us, we will be very grateful for your generosity.

I wish everyone good health.

Hello and a good day friends of Hope for Cabo Verde.

I hope you are all fine, safe and in good health. I want to tell you that we already have 245 pieces of disinfectant gel, which is ready to be sent to Cabo Verde to the hospital in Boa Vista, where there are sick patients with COVID-19.

I would also like to inform you that at least until the end of April we will be searching for medical and household masks, disinfectant gel, baby diapers, baby milk, baby food, feminine hygiene products, etc. We will send this material to the most vulnerable Cabo Verdean families that experience the negative impacts of COVID-19 the most.

Thank you very much and I wish you all good health