Hope for Cabo Verde

Greetings to all friends of Hope for Cabo Verde with wishes of good health, strength and patience!

In the Republic of Cape Verde, many children live in extreme poverty and are vulnerable and in danger to a number of factors that prevent them from living a happy childhood. I myself have grown up in Cabo Verde and the worst thing for me was seeing small children, full of ideas and ideals, who did not have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

I currently live in the Czech Republic and have lived here for several years already. Here I was given the opportunity to graduate from a university and start doing business. However, I have never forgotten my origins and I feel committed to helping people, who are going through the same difficulties as I used to.

We will be very grateful for any contribution to our transparent account of the Cape Verde Verde Endowment Fund: 5592552329/0800. We will use this money to secure a better future for Cabo Verde and Cabo Verdeans.

If you are interested in helping Cabo Verde, either individually or as a company that supplies these products, please contact us via our email info@nadejecv.org, we will be very grateful for your generosity.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all those who can still think of and help other fellowmen in these difficult times. Once again, I wish everyone good health.

Please do not hesitate to call my phone number for more information +420 736 446 317 or e-mail info@nadejecv.org

Mónica Sofia