About our endowment

„No one will turn on the light and cover the vessel, nor will he put it under the bed, but he will put it on the candlestick so that those who enter may see the light. There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed one day, nothing secret that will not be known and won’t come to light. Lk 8: 16-18

Ladies and gentlemen,

In the Republic of Cabo Verde, many children live in extreme poverty and they are vulnerable and exposed to a number of factors that prevent them from living a happy childhood. Children need protection, support and care to grow safely, healthily, with a lot of education and to reach their full potential. The Hope for Cabo Verde Endowment Fund is working with local organisations, government representatives, companies and individuals to create a safe environment to ensure education and a hopeful future for these children.

I grew up alone in Cabo Verde, in a small village called Achada Bel Bel, where the families live in dwellings of only a few square meters, cook on forest litter and have to carry water from a well. The worst thing for me was seeing small children, full of ideas and ideals who do not have the opportunity to follow their dreams and decide their future for themselves.

I have lived in the Czech Republic for several years, where I’m also studying at a university, work as a model and have a small online store. I can say that for someone who grew up in Africa, in very complicated conditions, I was lucky and perceived myself as successful in what I am doing.

Today I feel very committed to helping children and people in my country who are going through the same difficulties and are in a similar situation as I once was. Through my endowment fund called Hope for Cabo Verde I am…???

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