Endowment Fund of Hope Cape Verde

Today I would like to ask my friends and supporters of the Hope Cabo Verde Endowment Fund for help with the following project, which I am currently working on and unfortunately I cannot solve on my own. Every day I receive hundreds of messages from Cape Verdeans asking me for help because they trust me and acknowledge my work. I can’t help everyone myself, it’s well known that it’s not easy for anyone right now, but some are worse off than others. My endowment fund helps the whole of Cape Verde in general, without restrictions, without determining a specific place, without political, religious or racial differences. I would like to help a lady who is currently in a critical state of chronic diabetes and lacks everything she needs – medicine, food, money … The funds we currently have on the endowment account are not sufficient or are already intended for other cases to which we have committed ourselves. I know that helping is not your duty, but believe that the universe repays good with good.

Thank you very much for your support.

Transparent account of hope Cape Verde 5592552329/0800 PLEASE WRITE A DJEZA. www.nadejecv.org 5592552329/0800 ǀ IBAN: CZ09 0800 0000 0055 9255 2329 ǀ BIG / SWIFT: GIBACZPX.

Added August 28, 2020