Support your health and Cape Verde at the same time!

Support your health and Cape Verde at the same time!

Recently, we arrived from Cape Verde and brought Anona leaves for our supporters.p>

The plant occurs mainly in rainforests and its unique effects were already known to the natives of Central and South America, who used it to calm inflamed mucous membranes, against the flu, asthma and cough, to stabilize blood sugar, speed up wound healing, support liver function, lower blood pressure, against arthritis and rheumatism, and even to suppress anxiety. These miraculous effects of the Anona plant were confirmed by several modern scientific studies. Their findings about the strong antitumor and anticancer properties of acetogenins in Anona (bioactive compounds in leaves, stems and seeds), intensified the interest in the plant.

Leafs of Anana can be your for a symbolic price of 100 CZK. And the best thing at the end – ALL MONEY FROM THE “SALE” GO directly TO SUPPORT THE CAPE VERDE! Listy Anona můžete mít doma i VY a to za výjimečně symbolickou částku 100,- Kč. A to nejlepší na konec – VŠECHNY UTRŽENÉ PENÍZE Z PRODEJE JDOU NA PODPORU KAPVERDÁM!With us you can do something good not only for yourself and your health, but also for others. Thank you for helping !

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